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G7 Expert Training & Certification | January 22 – 26


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Mar 19, 2024
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G7 Expert Training & Certification | January 22 – 26​


Includes the NEW, Expanded G7 Training, covering Digital Print (Toner & Inkjet), Flexo, Offset, Textile & Wide Format, along with the latest across color management, standards, process control, viewing conditions & lighting, and everything you need to become a globally recognized G7 Expert!​

Live In-Person G7 Training online, led by G7 Expert Trainer, Mr. Ron Ellis.

“G7 Experts are well rounded practitioners of color printing... The adoption of G7 (in our technology) has been a night to day difference .”

— John Thoburn, Canon

NEXT STEPS: Register to become a Certified G7® Expert!​

Register for the upcoming live online training, led by G7 Expert Ron Ellis and start your journey to become a leading industry expert, and globally recognized G7 Expert.

Dates: January 22 – 26, 2024
Learn More: Register here »

Registration Closes Thursday January 18th, 2023. Secure your seat before this class is full



About the Trainers:

Ron Ellis – G7 Expert Trainer, BrandQ Expert Trainer, Chair of Idealliance Print Properties Committee & Global Print Supply Chain Expert

Ron Ellis is a consultant specializing in color management, automation and workflow integration. An Idealliace BrandQ Expert, BrandQ Expert Trainer, G7 Expert, G7 Process Control Expert, G7 Expert Trainer, and chair of the Print Properties Committee (PPC), and member of the Idealliance Advisory Council. Ron has performed hundreds of G7 training and calibrations. He has conducting training and consulting for a wide range of customers in Europe, Asia, and North America. Well versed in ISO standards, Ron specializes in creating and implementing working spaces for brands and agencies that allow them to work more efficiently with vendors, saving both time and money.

Register Here

Training Sponsored By​

G7® is the most sought-after certification in the world and is the driving force for achieving visual similarity across all print processes.​

Some benefits of G7 include:

  • G7 works across multiple presses, plants, and locations
  • G7 means reprints will always look the same
  • G7 gives one consistent tool for color calibration regardless of device

Not ready for G7 Expert Training?​

Attend Color Management Professional® Fundamentals Online Training & Certification to start your journey as a leading color professional!​

Training is available online, on-demand in multiple languages for leading global color management alignment. Register Here »

Certified professionals are listed in the Official Directory of Certified Color Management Professionals and are recognized around the world as trained & proficient on the latest industry standards and methodology for color management.

Participants include print & prepress technicians and managers, students, OEM technology providers, designers, print professionals and everyone who’s work relies on best practices for color management across graphic communications, print, packaging, and allied fields.

Members Save on Training & Certification. Become a Member Here »

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Contact Jordan Gorski, Executive Director, to explore G7 training & implementing G7 into your print production for visual consistency and optimized color print production. [email protected] | 703.837.1096​

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