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CrewInspector provides crew management software to Ropetec International Ltd


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Mar 19, 2024
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CrewInspector provides crew management software to inspection and maintenance rope access specialists Ropetec International Ltd​

Riga – CrewInspector, an online crew management software provider, has been awarded a contract by Ropetec International Ltd for the provision of a crew management solution for the support of their offshore operations.

CrewInspector has successfully integrated crewing software across Ropetec offices in Africa and the Middle East, namely in South Africa, Angola, Ghana, Republic of Congo, Namibia, Nigeria and the United Arab Emirates. The agreement guaranteed safe data migration from the legacy HR software to CrewInspector including all data related to crew personal information and certification.

CrewInspector delivered customized functionality based on Ropetec requirements including crew certificate archiving features and contract expiry alert for temporary and permanent crew contracts, as well as various document templates for quick and seamless operational workflow.

Further cooperation anticipates development of project management module specifically tailored to offshore industry requirements.

“We are delighted by starting cooperation with Ropetec as it brings new challenges that we need to address as well as the knowledge Ropetec possesses in the offshore industry is an invaluable asset to our partnership” says Andy Lipsberg, Co-Owner of CrewInspector.​

Riccardo Buehler, Andy Lipsberg
From the left: Riccardo Buehler – Deputy Operations Manager Ropetec, Neil Scheibe – Managing Director Ropetec and Andy Lipsberg – Co-Owner CrewInspector.

About Ropetec​

Ropetec International Ltd was founded in 1991 in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. The company specialises in the provision of non-destructive testing inspection, maintenance, repair and assets upgrade services to clients with offshore infrastructures. The company has operations and services clients around the globe. More information on www.ropetec.co.za

About CrewInspector

CrewInspector Ltd is an online crew management software provider established in 2011 Riga, Latvia and operating the software since 2004. Crewing software is primarily designed for use of crewing agents and ship management companies. CrewInspector.com provides full cycle of crew management operations starting the crew database, scheduling and certificate management as well as crew payroll calculations and customer invoicing. CrewInspector is fully MLC 2006 compliant. More information on www.crewinspector.com
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