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51 New Year Goal Ideas For 2023


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Mar 19, 2024
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We all have had our bittersweet relationship with new year’s goals. It has often been sought as a way of reflecting upon life choices of the passing year and dwelling on targets to achieve the year ahead. But as a rule of thumb, intentions to make resolutions never actually materialize.

To help you set yourself up for a year-long journey of self-efficacy, we’ve provided you with 51 options for new year’s goals.

Also as a personal finance blog, we are listing up actions you can take to make sure you are positioning yourself for financial success.

Save this post, and make notes. We would also suggest you keep a track of your new year’s goals by using a planner.

51 New Year Goal To Achieve In 2023​

1. Make a budget​

The key to achieving almost every other financial objective is budgeting. Making a budget is an excellent way to keep track of your cash flow and expenses. Sticking to one helps you with planning what you would do with the surplus. Using budgeting software on your smartphone is one of the simplest methods to keep track of your earnings and outgoing costs. There are several cost-tracking applications on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

2. Make savings a priority​

One cannot emphasize enough the importance of savings in achieving financial security. If you have just started earning and have no idea about what to do with your money rather than your expenses, just start with saving for this year’s new year goals Be strict with your expenditure so that you prioritize savings more than impulses.

3. Pay off a loan​

When creating a financial strategy for the year, consider including debt settlement as one of the objectives. Start with a short-term loan that you can pay off without it getting cumbersome

4. Increase your credit score​

how to improve credit score

One of the most crucial figures pertaining to your personal finances is your credit score. Consider your credit score as a grade that demonstrates to lenders how responsibly you handle debt. This figure is taken into consideration by lenders when determining whether to lend you money and the interest rate at which to do so. Banks are more inclined to lend you money or issue you a credit card if your credit score is higher. Moreover, raising your credit score might help you save money since it can get you a reduced interest rate.

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5. Open up a credit card​


Get yourself a credit card for this year’s new years goals if you do not have one, even if you do have one you can apply for a 2nd or a 3rd. Credit cards can quite be advantageous in your financial journey as you do not have to carry cash. Secondly, it boosts your credit score making money easier and cheaper to borrow.

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6. Start saving for an emergency fund​

What is an emergency fund, Do I need an emergency fund

Investopedia states emergency funds are a financial security that creates a safety net around your family. An emergency fund is intended to serve two functions. First of all, it can aid in covering any unforeseen costs. Second, if you lose your work, it could be able to temporarily replace your income

Uncertain about the amount to save? As a general guideline, you should set aside between three and six months’ worth of spending. I personally do and recommend an 8 months’ worth of expense

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7. Buy Insurance​

Basics of Homeowners Insurance

If you still did not buy insurance this is your sign to decide on the insurance that you want to buy. Even if insurance is based on a probability factor, this is one tool that will protect you from financial losses

Your lifestyle will determine the kind of insurance coverage you need and how much coverage you require. Health insurance, life insurance, automobile insurance, renters’ insurance, house insurance, and disability insurance are the most prevalent forms that most individuals have.

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8. Decide on asset allocation​

The process of allocating your investments among various assets, such as stocks, bonds, and cash, is known as asset allocation. Asset allocation analyses a portfolio to try to strike a balance between risk and return. The choice to allocate assets is a private one. Depending on how long you have to invest and your risk tolerance, each stage of your life will require a different allocation strategy.

9. Plan of investing if you aren’t already​

INVESTING FOR BEGINNERS. Text on tablet device on a wooden table

If you have not planned about investing, start now. As intimidating as it might sound to a beginner here one cent at a time I make your investing journey as easy.

Note: It’s critical to assess your risk tolerance and choose investments that can help you achieve higher risk-adjusted returns and inflation-adjusted returns.

10. Prioritize spending money on experiences rather than a thing​

Materialistic gains might give you joy, but this year try spending on experiences. Go out on a date with your partner rather than buy that sneaker you’ve been eyeing for a while.

11. Plan on your retirement​

Effects Of Inflation On Retirement Savings

If you are in your twenties and thirties retirement might sound like a joke to you now. But thinking about your retirement objectives and how long you have to achieve them is the first step in retirement planning. It takes decades to get to the position of financial cushioning that will lead to a fun – comfortable retired life.

12. Improve your financial literacy​

When it comes to making prudent financial decisions, increasing your financial literacy is a sensible step that is sometimes disregarded. Financial literacy plays a major role in your capacity to handle your money effectively. Its objective is to assist people with a fundamental grasp of finance to have a better awareness of the complexities of budgeting, tax minimization, and investment

13. Explore a side hustle​

With all the financial goals on the list like saving, investing, and paying off a debt does it not become overwhelming for your current paycheck? Here is where a side gig comes into play. A well-researched side hustle can ease you off with an extra source of income

14. Nurture an interest​

Remember that wish you had while in high school to be able to play a stringed instrument? Start it this new year.

15. Learn a new skill​

Constantly upgrading yourself will help you boost your confidence and your self-worth. Try learning a new skill, be it related to your career like upgrading your excel skills, or something very different like baking.

16. Make a vision board​


Have visual interpretations of all the goals and intentions that you wanna achieve this year as a vision board. Save that up as your screen saver in your digital devices so that you can take a look at it daily and be reminded of your goals.

17. Practice mindfulness​

When our mind wanders, we get disconnected from our present selves and quickly become preoccupied with compulsive thoughts about the past or worry about the future. And it stresses us out. The ability to be completely present, and aware of where we are and what we are doing, is mindfulness. This year start practicing mindfulness in everything that you do.do it in the present, with no intentions of the outcome, no worries about the future

18. Start journaling​


Journaling is a great way to keep track of the time that is passing. If not every day, journal about the days that were a highlight in the week. Keep a record of the day you had a good experience and also the day you felt you could no longer move forward

19. Get into a discipline​

Discipline is very important to keep the good going. Without discipline, no amount of life coaching can pave way for your well-being. Whatever you decide to do, you have to keep on doing it. Day one it is the motivation that strikes the match, rest discipline is what keeps it going

20. Start making to-do lists the day before​


Did you ever realize how much time you just took just to decide the tasks that you have to accomplish for the day? Make this habit a thing of the past by making up your to-do lists the before.

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21. Have a task timeline ready for about the upcoming 6 months​

Have a detailed timeline of the major tasks you have to take over in the period of 6 months to a year. Use a calendar app for this purpose.

22. Think less​

Life is gonna be as it will be, no given amount of thinking can change certain things from happening or not happening. Effective planning can make the curve lot smoother but uncertainty is always one step ahead. So this new year make it a point not to think too much and spiral into the web of feelings just to degrade your own mental health

23. Reward yourself​

Reward yourself for every little achievement that you do. It always doesn’t have to be extravagant. Had a long predictive day, reward a cozy night and Netflix and chill to yourself

24. Brush up your soft skills​

Be it the professional aspect of your life or the personal, soft skills are what make you stand out from others. This year brush up on yours.

25. What do you not want to repeat?​

In a list of what are the things that you want to achieve this year also have a column of things that you do not want to repeat. For example, avoid a bad financial decision you took or a certain diet that did not work out for you.

26. Be grateful​

Be grateful for what you now have, where you are in life, and for whatever you made out of yourself. and who you are at this time rather than stressing about what you could be.

27. Travel bucket lists​

This year have a bucket list just of places that you want to visit.

28. Try a new restaurant each month​

Try out a new restaurant each of the 12 months of the year. Explore different cuisines from all over the world

29. Self-care​

Self-care and self-love in this era of distracting and misleading social media are so important to keep the mental equilibrium in place. Take care of yourself, love yourself a little more than the past year, cut yourself some slack, and take it easy

30. Eat healthily​

6 Steps to Sticking With Your Healthy Diet While Traveling

This new year aim to eat healthily. Include more greens and fiber for good gut health. Cut off processed and packaged food and switch to organic at-home prepared meals.

31. Make your own breakfast​

Ditch the habit of ordering takeout whenever you’re hungry. Start prepping your own meals starting from the most basic like breakfast. Not only will it reduce the cost of meals but also is a lot healthier option

32. Cut down on caffeine after sunset​

Avoid intake of caffeine after sunset for more ease in falling asleep

33. Commit to a healthier sleep cycle​

Get your circadian rhythm straightened, sleep by 11 pm max, and try to get up early.

34. Practice body positivity​

With all the pressures from society to look a certain kind, fit a certain box be kind towards yourself. Be positive about how your body looks and be grateful for its functions so complex for your life processes

35. Get into motion​

With all the sedentary lifestyles that we are leading it isn’t a surprise we develop lifestyle diseases at such an early stage of our lives. Take out time each day to be in motion. Target to walk 5000 steps daily, do some freehand exercises first thing in the morning, stretch out, do strength training, take the stairs, etc.

36. Make meditation a way of life​

Try guided meditation to manage stress and focus better

37. Don’t neglect your dental health​

Though you might be reluctant to do your health screenings at regular intervals, dental health awareness is really not as par. This year resolute not to neglect your dental health. With regular brushing and flossing, also make it a point to visit the dentist’s office once in a while

38. Dedicate some time each day to cleaning chores​

Assign 15 minutes each day to cleaning. Cleaning each day contributes to a clutter-free space. A clutter-free space reflects a clutter-free mind.

39. Cut down on screen time​

Apart from your what’s a necessity try and cut down on screen time.

40. Reduce your waste​

Go for sustainable living by reducing waste. Cut on the packaged food and shift to fresh foods that are home-cooked for better health benefits and also reduced plastic consumption

41. Avoid the negative influence​

Stay away from people and environments that have a negative influence on you, make you worry, and make you feel any less.

42. Relax​

Find time to unwind. Relax

43. Constantly learn​

Keeping yourself open to learning lifelong elevates you as a person. This year make it a point to keep a receptive mind so that you constantly learn something

44. Get more organized​

Planning ahead and organizing your work will increase your efficiency and productivity. You may accomplish significant goals and objectives by maintaining good organization and creating successful strategies.

45. Get better with stress management​

Without proper stress management, your body could be on high alert all the time without it. Chronic stress can eventually cause major health issues.

46. Do an electronic declutter​

Once in a while go through your electronic devices and make them free of any united files applications. Not only will it save up space but also lets you manage and access files on your devices better

47. Focus on relationships​

This year focus on relationships a bit more than usual. Put your phone to good use by calling up your friends and family. Make time for each. Value the importance of family in your life.

48. Inculcate a reading habit​

Reading gives you life lessons. It sharpens your thinking and increases your creative ability. This year aim to finish off one book each month

49. Set intentions rather than tangible goals​

A number-oriented goal is what leads to pressure and therefore anxiety and fear in case it is not achieved. This year try setting intentions like you want to get healthy and not burn a certain number of calories. It is a much more holistic approach

50. Renovate​

This year plan to renovate your study space or your kitchen. Give it a new look and a new feel to your old self.

51. Revisit your goals list to tick off​

And lastly, keep on revisiting this list to tick off the goals you have achieved on the way. Be proud of your accomplishments.

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