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12 Best AI Tools for Teachers (2024) – Save Time & Make Learning Fun


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Mar 19, 2024
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Best AI tools for teachers

Are you a teacher struggling with managing the classroom and making learning fun and interactive for your students? Well, AI tools have disrupted many industries in the last year. Why should the education industry be left out?

Therefore, I’m here with the 13 Best AI Tools for Teachers. In this article, I will introduce you to some fascinating tools that cater to teachers’ and educators’ major pain points. I have spent a few weeks researching and testing dozens of AI tools before finalizing the ones listed below.

We have included the best AI tools from categories like lesson planning, feedback and grading, assessment and quizzes, research, student engagement, productivity, etc.

So, are you ready to empower and elevate your teaching experience with some cool and unique AI tools? Let’s go!

Table Of Contents

11 Best AI Tools for Teachers 2024
(Quick Overview)

AI Tool NameCategoryFree Version
SlidesGoPresentationsUnlimited free usage
Gemini AIContent CreationUnlimited free usage
Magic SchoolLesson Planning14-day free trial with Raina chatbot & 60+ AI tools.
CopyleaksAI Content Detection5 free credits
GotfeedbackFeedbackAI feedback limit of 10k words/doc
YippityAssessmentsCreate 3 quizzes.
Nolej AIAssessments10-day free trial with 3 free credits
Conker AIAssessmentsShare 5 quizzes and collect 50 responses with 10 questions/quiz
ElicitResearch5k one-time credits
Course HeroLearning Resources5 unlock credits on uploading 10 docs.
CuripodInteractive LearningUnlimited storage with limited lessons and 1 content translation/month.
GuiddeVideo DocumentationCreate 25 How-to Videos
Eduaide AILesson Development15 generations/month

11 Best AI Tools for Teachers (2024)

1) SlidesGo

Want to create eye-catching presentations that spark the interest of your students? SlidesGo can help. It’s a free-to-use app offered by Freepik, a popular repository to find free photos.

SlidesGo settings

To get started, you simply need to enter your topic, choose a template, and specify the writing tone, language, and number of slides you need. You can create presentations in tones like casual, professional, fun, creative, formal, etc.

SlidesGo presentation

Overall, the slide content was pretty informative. But I wish they had more presentation templates. Apart from presentations, SlidesGo also lets you generate interactive icebreaker activities and assessments for your students.

If you regularly work with presentations and student interactions, SlidesGo is a must-try tool for you!

Pricing: Completely free to use.

Use for: Presentations

Try SlidesGo

2) Gemini

Gemini (previously known as Bard) is a generative AI chatbot designed by Google. It functions similarly to ChatGPT, but what differentiates it is access to real-time data. This functionality makes it a highly accurate and reliable chatbot.

Gemini is ideal for all kinds of content creation, brainstorming, and research-related tasks for educators. Whether you wish to create a lesson plan, write detailed reports, draft emails, and notices, or explain code, you can do it all with Gemini! It even allows voice-based inputs!

Gemini Lesson plan creation

For instance, check out this lesson plan I created for the topic “Genetics and Evolution”. The results are only as good as your prompt. So make sure you draft a detailed prompt. Gemini AI is great for generating all kinds of educational content.

Pricing: Unlimited free usage. Paid subscription to Google One AI Premium plan for ₹1,950/mo.

Use for:
Content Creation

Try Gemini

3) Magic School

Magic School is an all-rounder AI assistant for all teaching-related tasks. It features a huge library of 60+ AI tools for teachers. Some popular tools include lesson plans, MCQ generator, Multi-step assignments, worksheet generator, student feedback, emails, etc.

Magic School Lesson plan

I loved the detailed and comprehensive lesson plans it generated. The Worksheet Generator tool offered fill-in-the-blanks, MCQs, and open-ended questions along with an answer key. Finally, the Student Work feedback tool was also super time-saving!

Magic School Lesson plan

Besides these tools, I loved its intuitive and modern interface and swift speeds of generation. It’s a really useful tool for teachers. Whether you want to create content, plan lessons, create quizzes and questions, or communicate with your students, Magic School could be the answer!

Pricing: It offers a 14-day free trial with access to 60+ AI tools and Raina chatbot. The paid plans start from $12.99/mo.

Use for:
Lesson Planning

Try Magic School

4) Copyleaks

Wondering if your students wrote their assignments themselves or using AI? Use Copyleaks to be sure! Copyleaks is a popular AI content detection tool that can detect content generated using AI tools and bots like ChatGPT, Gemini, etc.

Copyleaks settings

To begin with, you can upload your assignments, paste them as plain text, or enter a URL. Next, it allows you to select your sources, match types, and enable cheat detection. You can also perform a cross-language search by selecting a language from its list of 30+ languages.

Copyleaks AI content detection

Once you run the AI detection, it analyzes the text and displays the matching percentage and the number of similar words. I love that Copyleaks goes one step ahead and classifies similar words into identical words, paraphrased words, omitted words, and words with minor changes.

To provide evidence of plagiarism, Copyleaks also cites the sources from which the text was plagiarised. Overall, if you are concerned about AI usage in homework and assignments, Copyleaks is a powerful detection tool.

Pricing: 5 credits available on the free plan. The paid plan, with combined AI and plagiarism checker, is priced at $13.99/mo.

Use for:
AI Content Detection

Try Copyleaks

5) gotFeedback

Tired of manually reviewing and providing feedback on your students’ assignments? gotFeedback could be the solution. It’s an AI-powered tool that helps teachers mark students’ assessments and offer actionable feedback.

gotFeedback assignment creation

To begin, you can create a new assignment and insert your assignment questions and instructions. The assignment link can be shared with learners who can then log in through their own gotFeedback accounts and turn in their completed assignments.

For the feedback, you can create custom prompts with instructions on how you evaluate the assignments. These prompts can be used on submitted assignments to generate quick feedback.

gotFeedback AI feedback

I loved the quick and detailed feedback offered by gotFeedback. It starts with highlighting the positive points and then moves on to suggest the improvements in a clean, bulleted list format. However, I found the UI slightly confusing. They can work on simplifying it.

Pricing: The free plan offers an AI feedback limit of 10k words/doc. You can contact their team to discuss the paid plan.

Use for: Feedback

Try gotFeedback

6) Yippity

Need quick questions for evaluating your students’ performance? Check out Yippity! It’s a super simple and straightforward app for generating questions. You can generate two types of questions: open-ended and MCQs.

Yippity questions

To begin with, you need to enter a URL or paste your own resource up to 10k characters. It uses AI to analyze the text and generates a quiz of 20+ relevant questions around your content.

In my opinion, teachers and online instructors will find Yippity super-helpful for creating quizzes, viva questions, question papers, assignments, discussion questions, etc.

Pricing: The free plan lets you create 3 quizzes. For unlimited question generation, you can subscribe to its Early Bird plan for $4.99/mo.

Use for:

Try Yippity

7) Nolej AI

Nolej AI is an interactive e-learning material generator powered by AI. With this tool, you can generate interactive content to enhance student learning outcomes.

You start by uploading your learning material on Nolej as an audio, video, PDF, text, or URL. It parses the content and creates interactive learning content from it, like quizzes, glossaries, summaries, flashcards, term definition cards, interactive videos, etc.

Nolej AI interactive lessons

For teachers, it also displays project-based learning ideas to boost student’s learning and create better learning experiences. I loved this tool! It’s super easy and effective. Engaging activities like matching the word and crossword can help stimulate a learner’s brain.

Pricing: 10-day free trial with 3 free credits. You can contact their sales team for paid plans.

Use for: Assessments

Try Nolej AI

8) Conker AI

Conker is an AI-powered quiz generation platform that has generated over 600k+ quizzes to date. It features an extensive database of thousands of pre-made and supports multiple question types like MCQ, fill in the blanks, mixed, read and respond, etc.

Conker AI question settings

To begin, you need to enter your topic and select your question type. Then, you can specify the number of questions required, grade level, and output language. If you want to display source material alongside your quiz, Conker lets you add that too.

Conker AI quiz questions

Within a few seconds, your full-fledged quiz is generated. You can then share it with your students via links, QR code, print, Forms, or embed into your website. Once the students submit the assessment, you can view the responses from the Conker dashboard.

I loved the simple yet elegant UI of Conker. If your work revolves around creating quizzes, questionnaires, and assessments, Conker will be super helpful to you!

Pricing: The free plan lets you share 5 quizzes and collect 50 responses with 10 questions/quiz. The paid plans start from $3.99/month. Here, you can share 10 quizzes and collect 100 responses.

Use for: Assessments

Try Conker AI

9) Elicit

Teaching research scholars can be tough, as you need to keep up with research conducted around different topics. Elicit may give you an unfair advantage in this case! It’s an AI-powered tool that simplifies research for you.

Elicit research paper topic

You can use Elicit in 3 different ways

  • Find research papers
  • Extract data from PDFs
  • Find research papers for your list of concepts.

For instance, if you need to find research papers, you can simply enter your topic. It will search through its library and display the top research papers on your topic with a short abstract of each.

You can sort them by most/least recent, most/least relevant, most/least cited, or by alphabetical order.

Elicit data extraction

Elicit stands out by offering its unique and powerful data extraction feature. With this tool, you can extract specific data from each research paper. For example, summary, main findings, outcomes, limitations, methodology, etc. This gives it an edge over other research tools.

Pricing: Free plan offers 5k one-time credits. Paid plans start from $10/month, where you get 12k monthly credits.

Use for: Research

Try Elicit

10) Course Hero

If you’re struggling to find educational resources around a particular topic, try Course Hero. Once you upload or paste your document into the platform, it automatically analyzes it and recommends relevant reading material around it.

Coursehero AI

If your document contains any questions, you can get them answered with Course Hero’s AI Assistant. I was impressed with its speed and accuracy. Besides learning resources, Course Hero provides tools like Grammar and Spell Checker, Proofreader, Paraphraser, etc.

Overall, if you want to collect additional reading resources for your students or want to get questions solved with AI, Course Hero is a terrific tool to try out!

Pricing: Free plan offers 5 unlock credits on uploading 10 docs. Paid plans start from $9.95/month.

Use for: Learning Resources

Try Course Hero

11) Curipod

Curipod is an AI-powered platform for creating interactive lessons and presentations for learners. It features a range of AI tools to help you create engaging educational material. The UI features an adorable mascot that makes learning fun for school students.

Curipod AI presentations

To begin, you can start with the Full Lesson Generator. As you enter the grade and topic, it generates a complete presentation around it. To enhance the learning outcomes, it also integrates polls, drawings, and open-ended questions into its lessons.

You’ll also find categories like reading comprehension, writing, vocabulary and grammar, AI feedback, and many engaging activities. Overall, I liked the engaging lessons on Curipod. It’s more suited for younger students.

Pricing: The free plan offers unlimited storage with limited lessons and 1 content translation/month. Its paid plan starts from $3999 per school.

Use for: Interactive Learning

Try Curipod

12) Guidde

What if you could create an entire how-to video with steps, voiceover, and background music in seconds? Guidde makes it possible! It’s an AI-powered video documentation platform that lets you create professional training materials, troubleshooting guides, SOPs, how-to guides, etc.

Guidde video documentation

Guidde is available as a Chrome extension. To get started, you simply need to start recording and performing your process or activity. Guidde will automatically convert it into a step-by-step document with annotated images, AI voiceover, and background music.

Once it’s converted into documentation, you can use its in-built video editing tools to add images, overlays, backgrounds, text, shapes, and transitions, or choose from 100+ AI voices to add AI voiceovers. Finally, you can share it with your learners with a single click!

Guidde video editing

Guidde is most useful for online instructors and educators who teach on LMS platforms. They can use it to create video walk-throughs for students to easily access course materials, submit assignments, create profiles, join discussions, download assignments, etc.

Pricing: 14-day free trial of the Business plan with unlimited how-to videos and AI text-to-voice generation. Paid plans start from $16/user/month.

Use for: Video Documentation

Try Guidde

13) Eduaide AI

Eduaide is an AI-powered lesson development tool that can help instructors create detailed lesson plans, teaching resources, and assessments, and provide personalized feedback. It features 100+ teaching resources for learning, planning, gamification, questions, and more.

To start with Eduaide, you can select the subject, grade, category, and relevant prompt. Next, you can enter your topic or keyword. It will generate content for your selected use case. For instance, below is a lesson plan for the topic “Properties of Electric Current”.

Eduaide AI - Lesson plan

After the lesson plan is generated, you also get options to generate true/false questions, jigsaw activity, and a reading comprehension assignment. Apart from prompts, it also features AI assistants for accessibility, wellness, and professional duties.

If you want to build an assessment, you can experiment with 6 types of questions MCQ, True/False, Short Answer, Fill in the blanks, Matching, and Essay. The AI chatbot functionality is available on the paid plan, though.

Eduaide assessments

Overall, Eduaide AI is an all-in-one AI platform for teachers who need help with lesson planning, assessment creation, and providing feedback! I loved its swift content generation.

The free plan allows 15 generations/month. For unlimited generations, subscribe to their paid plan for $5.99/month.

Use For: Lesson Development

Try Eduaide AI

Why Should You Trust Me?

I have been working full-time in the digital industry since 2015. In all these years, I’ve used and tested hundreds of digital tools. These include free AI tools, AI website builders, AI video generators, AI writers, AI logo generators, AI domain name generators, etc.

I’ve also recommended the best AI tools for small businesses, AI tools for students, and more. Experimenting with all these tools has given me immense experience and expertise to recommend the best ones for your requirements.

What are the Benefits of AI Tools for Teachers?

Introducing artificial intelligence into a teacher’s workflow can be extremely useful and productive. Let’s look at the key benefits it offers.

Benefits of AI tools for teachers

1) Smarter Feedback and Grading

Tasks like grading assessments and multiple-choice questions can take up valuable time from a teacher’s day. AI-powered tools can help teachers automate grading and feedback on students’ assignments. They can also offer suggestions and improvements for a personalized approach.

2) Better Content Creation

With AI tools, educators don’t need to compromise on content creation anymore. They can create comprehensive lesson plans, reports, questionnaires, quizzes, handouts, and high-quality educational resources for the students in no time!

3) Personalized Learning

AI-powered tools can analyze students’ data to identify their strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles. Based on this information, educators can personalize the learning experience for every student by streamlining the learning resources.

4) Time Management

AI tools can automate a range of repetitive tasks, like grading essays and MCQs, providing feedback, creating lesson plans, etc. This frees up time for educators to focus on important tasks like teaching and interacting with students.

5) Performance Insights

By incorporating AI tools into their workflow, teachers can analyze students’ performance. With insight into each student’s performance data, they can modify their teaching strategies to improve the outcomes.


So, these were some of the best AI tools for teachers. If you are an educator or an online instructor, I hope these tools help you enhance your productivity and simplify your workload. I personally loved using Gemini, Guidde, Nolej AI, and Yippity!

Which was your favorite tool from the above list? How can you use it in your classroom? Do you have any other suggestions that I missed out? Do share with me in the comments below.

This is Kripesh signing off. I’ll be back with more such interesting stuff soon. If you are interested in AI, you can subscribe to my newsletter to receive the latest AI news and AI tools every week! Cheers, and keep learning!
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