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10 Pro-Female Posts And Episodes For Women Who Complain That I’m Anti-Woman


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Mar 19, 2024
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Following from the prior post where I link to 10 posts that explain that I’m not anti-male, I now address the women on the internet who accuse me of being anti-female, most often because I say sex is important within marriage. Here are five posts and five podcast episodes, ranging back from 2014, to showcase that I, a woman, am not anti-woman, despite thinking that genders are different. And it can be a trip down memory lane for long-term followers!

  1. What Men Think About Sex Versus Reality. This is one of my earliest posts that goes through some of the myths men believe about sex, including “The women I dated in high school/college/my 20’s who I had lots of crazy sex with are still doing that with the men they married.”
  2. Be Less Aggressive In Bed And Your Sex Life May Improve. Essential reading if you’re in a dynamic where your husband’s actions in bed are real turnoffs. Quote: “If your wife has seemed reticent to have sex, thinks kissing is overwhelming, or has tried to say things like ‘slow down’ or ‘hold on’ or ‘I can’t be a porn star’ during sex, it is possible that you have been too aggressive in bed and this is what is turning her off sex with you entirely.”
  3. When You Feel Like Men Never Take Care Of You. If you are always with guys who can’t do anything for themselves, this is the post for you. Also, this, this, and this, and therapy.
  4. Just Do The Stuff Your Wife Wants. For all the women whose husbands act difficult and oppositional at home but great on the job and with friends. A lightbulb moment for many men who read it!
  5. Err On the Side Of Overprotecting Your Wife Instead Of Underprotecting Her. “Sometimes women are uncomfortable being cared for because they never got cared for as children. Then, they usually secretly want to be taken care of and protected, but they think this isn’t an option for them.” Does this describe you? Read the post with your husband if so.

And now for the podcast episodes! These are all Spotify links but you can certainly listen on any platform. Here is The Dr. Psych Mom Show on Apple.

  1. Why Doesn’t It Work When You Try To Turn On Your Wife? Normalizing female libido dropping within monogamy and helping men see why their behavior isn’t helping anything.
  2. When Women Have A Higher Sex Drive Than Their Husbands. I have a special subset of female anti-fans that insist that I never cover this topic. I do (and here’s a post too and another episode), and with empathy to boot!
  3. What Women Think About Angry Men. Nothing good! Here, I encourage men to see their angry behavior for what it is, something that is sabotaging their relationship and intimate life.
  4. Women Can’t Be Sexually Open With A Negative, Closed, Critical Guy. This is obvious to most women but not as many men! Here I explicate that while your sex drive decreases in monogamy, it crashes off a cliff and dies a fiery death when your husband acts like a jerk.
  5. Watching Porn When Your Wife Has A Low Sex Drive Is The Opposite Of Helpful. Porn use artificially increases guys’ libidos to the point that they think they are twenty years younger. If they stop… they actually get closer to your drive and often stop acting as aggressive. Key episode for many couples.

And for a bonus…. here is a subscriber episode called Oral Sex On Women: What You Don’t Know… which explains to your husband both what he is doing wrong and that many women actually don’t want a lot of oral (or any) despite what he may think from watching porn. (You can access 25% more episodes by subscribing here, guys.)

Thanks for reading and following, everyone! And until we meet again, I remain, The Pro-Human Blogapist!
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